Quick Points from the UPI Membership Meeting Last Week

From the membership meeting last week, we have two heads up on contractual issues. There’s a wonderful full rundown of the meeting on the off-campus list by Nancy Matthews. Check it out!

Our primary next steps are supporting an end to the lay-offs on campus now that we have a budget, and there will be canvassing organized by Tim Barnett in coalition with our labor partners in the city and state. The idea is to further the win for Illinois and state workers marked by the bipartisan votes on the budget. More soon on that!

For now, Instructors: please pay attention to your workload assignment. Remember that assignments are made on the basis of the re-employment rosters. If you have any questions at all on assignments, please contact our Grievance Officer Cyndi Moran at C-Moran1@neiu.edu.

Second, with the appropriations for this year, last year and the restoration of MAP we will be repaid 5 of our Spring 2017 furlough days.

Furlough Payback for 5 Days Over Negotiated Schedule

Part-time Instructors (less than 100%) by Sept 30, 2017
Full-time (100%) Instructors, ASPs, ARPs by December 30, 2017
Non-tenured TPs and RPs by June 30, 2018
Tenured TPs and RPs by June 30 2019

At this time we don’t know if repayment will be lump sum or spread out over time. We will let you know as soon as we know.

BE THERE: events tomorrow for UPI and for the university

UPI – we have a UPI Membership Meeting, Golden Eagles, Thursday 7/13 at 12:00 Noon.

Then later that afternoon at 4:30 join us for a Budget Celebration!

Alarmist Brewing and Tap Room
4055 W. Peterson Ave

We’ve got some good news on the financial picture re our furlough repayments but still have some other questions we will try and work through by noon. We’ll at least be able to make a cogent report.

Additionally, this membership meeting is an important one for me and Tim. I’m going on sabbatical in the Fall and stepping down for the remainder of my term on August 15. Tomorrow will begin our welcome and thanks to Tim Barnett as NEIU/UPI President!

Remember to attend President Helldobler’s Town Hall on the good news of the state budget in the morning at 9:00 in the Bryn Mawr Campus Auditorium.

It’s going to be a busy day people!!

BE THERE: Thursday 7/13 Membership 12:00 and Budget Celebration 4:30

Hey all – remember we have a UPI Membership Meeting, Golden Eagles, Thursday 7/3 at 12:00 Noon.

And then we hope as many as possible can skip on over to a Budget Celebration later that afternoon at 4:30:

Alarmist Brewing and Tap Room
4055 W. Peterson Ave


We have not only solidarity but success to celebrate!

We’ll get a better sense Thursday of what it all means and celebrate all of our work over the past two years without a state budget.


Congrats, Thanks and Onward: Illinois State Budget 2017

Dear UPI – this is a time of celebration and thanks!

Through our solidarity and hard work, we have a state budget. We phoned and lobbied, got on the bus and to the State House, marched on Rauner, mobilized our students, and we did a fantastic job teaching and learning through all of this stress.

First and foremost thanks go to the membership and to our sisters and brothers in AFSCME. I loved seeing different people out at different events and keeping up with the broad mobilization we accomplished this year. Union leadership is the membership and you have all been stellar.

Thanks to our new NEIU/UPI 4100 Executive Board members who joined elected leadership in a time of crisis and made sure they were at rallies and events–including helping UIS while on they were on strike.

I especially want to thank the members of the Executive Board who have served since Fall 2015 and accomplished incredible things organizing the union’s events and formulating strategy: Vice President Tim Barnett, Treasurer Lisa Wallis, Secretary Paul Lempke, Grievance Officer Cyndi Moran, COE TP Constituency Rep Mark Melton, COBM TP Constituency Rep Richard Kilpatrick, At-Large TP Constituency Rep Nancy Matthews, Instructor’s Constituency Rep Richard Grossman, At-Large Instructor’s Constituency Rep Jean Hemzacek, ASP Constituency Rep Linda Davis, and Communications Committee Co-Chairs Katy Smith and Elizabeth Villarreal,

Thanks also to Legislative/Mobilization Committee Chair Nanette Potee, UPI 4100 Trustee/Audit Committee Board member for NEIU Chuck Steinwedel, Local Vice President Steve Frankel who graciously never left the chapter’s board, and to Terry Schuepfer for her constant support and insight.

What’s next with the new budget? We’re not exactly sure but we know we are in a much better place financially than we were a week ago. I hope to see as many of you as possible at the Membership Meeting Thursday, 7/13, Noon in Golden Eagles, and hope to know more about our next steps forward then.

In solidarity,


SAVE THE DATE AND HEADS UP: membership meeting TH 7/13 at noon and better news from Springfield

Hey Folks – we are not out of the woods yet–we still need the Senate to act on the revenue bill passed by the House and a veto override of Rauner–but we are closer to having a state budget and Higher Ed appropriation than we have been for two years.

We’ve got some campus politics issues too that we will need to deliberate. Please mark your calendars and save the date for a UPI Membership Meeting, Thursday 7/13 at noon. (Location TBA.)

Here’s the article from the Tribune on the vote yesterday:


And we aren’t going to boast too much yet, but our politicization (IN THE SUMMER!!?) will have to get part of the thanks on this legislative movement when we are through this and have an appropriation. Check out the report on the (first ever to not be dispersed) March on Rauner in Winnetka a week ago.


If the drama in Springfield drags on beyond the end of the week, there is going to be canvassing in DeKalb around NIU that we have been asked to join Saturday. Stay tuned!

One thing supporting the passage of the revenue bill last night is that Norinne Hammond representing Macomb and WIU, Reggie Phillips representing Charleston and EIU, and Robert Pritchard representing DeKalb and NIU voted for their universities and communities. That’s a sign of how important UPI’s work has been–and UPI’s work is you!

In solidarity,


ACTION ALERT, CALL NOW: Last Day for a Vote on Higher Ed in this Legislative Session



You can reach the Governor at: (217) 782-0244 or email at: https://www.illinois.gov/gov/contactus/Pages/VoiceAnOpinion.aspx
You can find your State Senator and State Representative contact information at: http://hq-salsa.wiredforchange.com/o/5950/getLocal.jsp

Below is a message from UPI President John Miller, and we hope a higher ed vote for funding will be called today.

This is urgent and timely and a must do.

Thanks all!


Greetings everyone,

Now, more than ever, we need you to call the Governor, your Senator and your Representative to tell them that our students and universities need a budget NOW! Today marks the last day of the fiscal year and still there is no funding for our students’ MAP Grants and our institutions. This will mark the third consecutive year that our students and universities have been held hostage.

Students have left the state, programs have been eliminated, and many of our colleagues have departed for more stable employment. Our members and colleagues have been furloughed, laid off, had their pay deferred and have given up contractual salary increases just to keep our institutions open. Now, there is a real possibility that higher education funding will once again be kicked to the curb. Governor Rauner’s demand for non-budget reforms that harm many working people and our education system before he will agree to a budget may now result in the loss of accreditation for our institutions (https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/illinois/articles/2017-06-28/illinois-universities-in-jeopardy-of-losing-accreditation). This is unacceptable!

Our message is simple – Fully fund Illinois Higher Education today to avoid the loss of accreditation and the destruction of our institutions. Our Higher Education partners will also be calling today, but we all need to do our part.

You can reach the Governor at: (217) 782-0244 or email at: https://www.illinois.gov/gov/contactus/Pages/VoiceAnOpinion.aspx
You can find your State Senator and State Representative contact information at: http://hq-salsa.wiredforchange.com/o/5950/getLocal.jsp

We are also organizing local canvassing throughout the summer starting July 8th. This is a 2 hour commitment to talk with neighbors about the problems our students and universities are facing and to urge them to help us. Contact your local chapter president if you are willing to help canvass this summer. More details will be available shortly.

In Solidarity
John Miller
UPI Local 4100 President

MUST DO: (Jazz Funeral) March, Monday 6/26, 4-6:00 (be there and please circulate widely to students, colleagues at other universities, family and friends)

Northeastern Illinois University United
sponsored by NEIU/UPI 4100 and NEIU/AFSCME Local 1989

welcomes students, staff, and faculty from all Illinois universities
and we invite our community partners and our union sisters and brothers
to mourn and reclaim the future of Illinois in a . . .


for Higher Education in Illinois and for All Public Education and Social Services in the State
Resurrection is not optional
We are Illinois, and we demand stop gap funding and a state budget

When: Monday, June 26, 4:00 – 6:00 pm (march starts at 4:30)

Where: Hubbard Woods Park, 939 Green Bay Rd, Winnetka 60093

Transportation: Hubbard Woods Metra Station is adjacent to the park, and parking is available if you drive or carpool

What to Wear/Bring:
(1) Academic Regalia and/or Mortar Board (university, 8th grade or kindergarten, high school (all regalia will rock this funeral))

(2) If you don’t have graduation robes, not a problem: please wear a T-Shirt from your university, organization, or school

(3) Flowers to leave as a tribute to our loss and resolve to #FundOurFutureIL

We will have flowers for you, too, and a band playing tunes to march with!
Be ready for an approximately 1.5 mile round trip processional walk!

Are you coming? Please let us know and get updates as 6/26 approaches!

Solstice Solidarity Picnic, June 21, noon-2:00 LWH Portico (South Side of the Blg.)

UPI – bring kids and be there for the Solstice Solidarity Picnic. UPI is treating AFSCME and the rest of the university community. We have a good base of food building up and will very much appreciate you adding a dish to the table if you can.

Solstice Solidarity Potluck, June 21, Noon-2:00 LWH Portico

Most important though? Bring yourself and be there for our fellow university members–especially in Civil Service–who need our support!

In class then? Bring students out with you!!

Join us Tomorrow at 1:00 and SAVE THE DATE FOR ACTIONS June 21

Hey UPI – we have the NEIUnited Coalition together and working on actions to get STOP GAP and save Higher Ed in Illinois.

TOMORROW, Friday 6/9 at 1:00 FA 206
we’ll be working on info leaflets and signs
(and the banner idea has some legs too)
Please join us!

SAVE THE DATE and BE THERE: Wednesday, 6/21
7:00 am in Regalia or an NEIU T-Shirt, leafletting at the Winnetka Metro Station
Just a short walk, which we will be marching, to the Rauner homestead

4:00 pm NEIU Workers–is it a potluck or is it a soup line–here on campus
UPI will host our colleagues from across campus and we are getting out the lawn sports games too!

Hope to see folks tomorrow and thanks to everyone for the support thus far!


Thanks and Next Steps Planning Session Noon, Wed June 7 FA 207

First, we want to thank everyone who came out for a short notice Membership Meeting last Friday. We discussed the next steps UPI will take to counter the ongoing budget crisis and to support our brothers and sisters in AFSCME who are facing the threat of layoffs.

We are planning responses to the budget standoff, which will be aimed toward getting stop gap funding for the university before the end of the fiscal year. Remember, the layoffs could be put on “pause” if we receive funding.

Please join us this Wednesday, 6/7, at noon in FA 207 to begin work on art and logistics . . . .

To hang a budget now banner off of El Centro
To redecorate the windows of the Classroom Blg (aka LWH) to get our message out to protect NEIU
To prep and plan for a rally/happening on June 21: Sunup to Sundown on the Solstice we will say not to Bruce Rauner’s failure to govern the state
And, I’m still interested in the bike NEIU idea . . . curious? Please join us Wednesday.

The consensus of the room was that we should communicate to the administration that we will be looking for sacrifice from upper administration, and that message was communicated before the end of the day Friday.

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