NEGOTIATIONS and ULP RESEARCH: your help needed with spring enrollment data

Dear Faculty and Advisors,

Greetings all!

We are doing research in preparation for Negotiations and our Unfair Labor Practice hearings on workload assignment.

We need your help again to get information on how things went with enrollment at the beginning of spring semester.

Can you please answer the questions below and send them to me at

I will forward your responses to UPI Secretary Zach Schiffman who is compiling the data.

Thanks for this help and all the best,


SPRING 2014 Enrollment and Workload Assignment Queries:

(1) What is your position at NEIU? (Teaching Professional, Instructor, or Academic Support Professional?)

(2) Please describe any problems you had with Spring 2014 registration. For example, were your classes cancelled or did you experience schedule change?

(3) If your schedule change was due to dropped or reassigned classes, what was the course number and title? How were you notified/consulted? How much time did you have to prepare for newly assigned classes?

(4) If you experienced schedule change, what were the ripple effects of the changes? Did you lose classes, and/or lose percentage of employment? Did others lose courses because of your schedule changes?

(5) As an advisor, did you experience extra and unexpected work due to enrollment management policies?

(6) Were there any other irregularities in assignment that we should know about?