Support for Academic Labor – NYT Editorial 2/16/2014

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Check out this Editorial in the New York Times below and at

It notes the problem of increasing immiseration of teaching labor in higher ed and the concomitant burgeoning of academic administrations.

An upshot of this analysis is that we need to make all higher ed teachers less insecure and contingent. This is a point that has been coming up in our constituency meetings as we prepare for negotiations. And UIC United Faculty is trying to secure multi-year contracts for their Instructors.

Also note the House Democratic Staff Report on the “Just-in-Time Professor” linked in the editorial below and here at

The title tropes on the shift from Fordism to systems of flexible specialization and accumulation. It is clear that many of the enrollment management policies currently practiced on our campus are attempts at these sorts of just-in-time production techniques.

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The New College Campus

February 16, 2014

Imagine meeting someone who says she works at a university. Some years ago, it would have been fairly safe to assume that she was a professor, and a member of the middle class with enviable job security. Not anymore. Two reports make clear that the nature of the college work force has changed substantially, possibly to the detriment of educational quality…

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