Dear all,

We had a very busy week last week, and many members participated in various events and working groups in support of negotiations.

I’ll run through what I’ve come to think of as the week of thank yous to our membership.

Work continues this week, and I hope everyone will stop by our Student Symposium on Friday and try to make it to other events on the horizon.

Cheers and in solidarity,


Tuesday, 4/1: “Public Education in an Age of ‘Austerity'” motivated students and colleagues to action and thought.  Thanks to our UPI and AFSCME panelists and organizers: Tim Barnett, Christina Gomez, Ellen Larrimore, Jason Lukasik, Erica Meiners and Francesca Morgan.  The hardest working Executive Board in higher ed, ours, did tons of legwork on this event too.  We had a blast tabling with members–and the popcorn machine–the week before.  Thanks to all!

Wednesday, 4/2: both teams met for their first negotiations session. The teams will be issuing joint reports on their work.

Wednesday, 4/2: UPI Officers, constituency reps and our grievance co-chair met with faculty from the College of Business and Management in a constituency session organized by their their representative Jian Li. Thanks to Steve Frankel, Jason Lakasik and Shelley Bannister for joining me at this discussion.

Thursday, 4/3: Instructors, Academic Support Professionals and Academic Resource Professionals were invited to our monthly Executive Board Meeting.  Many thanks to them for participation in formulating our strategies for negotiation and helping us write a union response to the prospect of 5% and 10% budget cuts in instruction.

Friday, 4/4: bargaining unit members met to discuss contractual issues for coordinators, directors, etc. We very much appreciate the work clarifying how these assignments affect all members of the unit, and how important it is to our students and their education.

Friday, 4/4: a constituency group met to discuss research and effective ways to support inquiry contractually.