Membership Meeting @ 3:00, TH 4/24 and May Day Teach-in @ 3:00 TH 5/1

Mark you calendars for these two union events.

We will have a membership meeting, Thursday 4/24 at 3:00 in the Lower Level Library Classroom. Join us for updates on negotiations and other union work.

We will have a MAY DAY Teach-in (on May Day 5/1) one week later at 3:00 in the Lower-Level Library Classroom.

Also everyone, please remember Sharon’s Town Hall tomorrow 4/17. It’s in Alumni Hall at 3:00. We should all try to go to that! I keep learning stuff at the Board of Trustees and I think we should each and all get out and make it to the administration’s events as well as the union’s.

I persist in the habit of thinking we are all one university. Let’s make sure we keep up this vision!