Changes for Summer IA for All Faculty & Additional Information for Potential Retirees

Dear Members:

I want everyone to note the generous change that Provost Helldobler and Dr. Lessen made to the summer teaching schedule–it will finish before the beginning of July.  Our co-workers who are retiring at the end of this fiscal year will now be able to teach their planned for Summer IA classes.  This decision came from the kind of collaborative work between the administration and union that we have all been working toward, and was followed up carefully on by the administration.  Many thanks to Elliott and Rich.
On the many questions about retirement in general, please contact SURS to make the best decision for yourself as an individual.  This is going to require vigilance from all in the four year range.  You can work with HR here on campus–as I know many of you have–and they will help direct you to the proper offices at SURS.
START THE VIGILANCE NOW . . . by carefully reading the email forwarded below.  And then contact SURS.
As many of you know, it’s hard for me to not encourage people to stay.  SO, DO NOT LISTEN TO ME WHEN MAKING PERSONAL DECISIONS!!
But do know that I am heartbroken to say goodbye to so many of you whom have made me proud of, and committed to, this university.  That includes chairs, administrators and staff who are not in the unit, and the way too many of you fantastic professionals who are UPI members retiring this year.
In solidarity as a university and with all public employees in the State of Illinois,

As you are all aware, there have been many issues related to the various pension reforms that have had us all scurrying to determine what to do.  Please take note of the two issues indicated in this announcement.

  1. One of our concerns has been about faculty who were retiring after the end of the spring semester.  As such, we have worked with HR and Enrollment Services to effect the following:  All grades for Summer IA will be due no later than midnight, Monday, 30 June 2014, thus signaling the official end of Summer IA.  By making this change, retirees who were unable to teach during Summer IA will be able to do so.  These individuals will realize a change only in the percent of pension taken from the 15 July 2014 pay, which will be 7% rather than 8% as a contribution to their pension.

This second piece of information comes from communication with SURS this week.

Individuals who have pre-1998 sick leave that is payable and are considering retiring within the next four years may take a portion of their pre-1998 sick leave as a buyout by 30 June 2014.  This will count fully toward their pension.  The second payout will be paid out in one of the following two ways:  (1) Individuals whose earnings for FY14 (30 July 2013 – 30 June 2014) are less than $110,000, will be allowed to use a portion of their sick leave to bring them to a total of $110,000 for pension purposes.  They will, however, receive all the sick leave to which they are entitled monetarily.  (2) Individuals whose earnings for FY14 are more than $110,000, will be able to use the remaining sick leave buyout to reach their FY14 earnings for pension purposes only and will receive all of the sick leave to which they are entitled monetarily.

Any faculty member may sign the Irrevocable Intent to Retire in Human Resources and have a payout of pre-1998 sick leave as long as it is in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Posted by Ana Villate-Miller on behalf of Richard J. Helldobler, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs</blockquote>