We Have a New Team Member!

Dear UPI Members:

I am writing to announce that Durene Wheeler, Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies has joined the UPI Contract Negotiations Team. She replaces Nancy Wrinkle in Mathematics who has become Associate Dean in the College of Graduate Studies and Research.

Welcome and thanks to Durene as she takes up this work in service to the union and the university as a whole. She brings to the team her expertise in engaged pedagogy and social movements. Durene has coordinated two programs at NEIU: Women’s and Gender Studies as well as African and African American Studies. Passion and commitment to all of her varied and extensive university service define her as a professional, and we are humbled and delighted by the speed with which she said yes to the prospect of joining the team this summer.

We suspected that Nancy might not be able to complete negotiations with us, but the Executive Board knew that having her get us started would be invaluable and it was. We have former administrators on the team–and on the Board–and Nancy’s more recent experience working on research in the Graduate College helped supplement our expertise and develop our positions going into bargaining. Her commitment to all of the faculty on this campus will now make her a wonderful administrator.

We are extremely fortunate to have the Team, the Executive Board and the Membership that we have working for us. The energy and amount of work everyone is putting in right now is dazzling.

It’s summer and everyone is tuned in!

I’ve never seen us more united. And that means I have never seen us more intent on working for our students and the excellence of teaching and research defining Northeastern Illinois University’s contributions to public higher education.

In solidarity,