Course Cancellations and Our Responses

Dear Members,

I have been in conversation with the Provost, trying to persuade him to extend the date for canceling courses, but to no avail. Many courses were cancelled yesterday and there will again be shuffling of workloads for Instructors and TPs.

We have long range strategies and tactics for responding to the current mismanagement of the university with regard to it’s spending and revenue priorities as they affect our work assignments and teaching: our Unfair Labor Practice complaints will be heard on Tuesday August 19, we are addressing the mistreatment of Instructors in contract negotiations, and that sphere of activity gives us the avenue of direct action if needed.

The problem is what to do in the short term.

I want everyone to accommodate the courses re-offered as best they can and stay on at NEIU, if that is workable for you. I know many of you are looking for employment elsewhere. I want you to remember the university we were two, five and ten years ago, and work toward restoring that excellence in public higher education.

There’s no clear language in the contract to facilitate the drastic cuts we are experiencing now. The UPI Executive Board has done a preliminary poll of Instructors and deliberated at length, and we would like to suggest the following within the parameters we have available.

We assume that department chairs and program coordinators will strive to work out the most agreeable solution with all parties affected. But if no good solution is found, seniority should be given preference.

Please let me know if you have any courses cancelled and reassigned–let me know what they are, number and section, time taught. And I want all Instructors to let me know if, or when, you are asked to take a 4/4 teaching load that puts you at the top of the contractual range.

Hang tough and remember that the miracle of public education–at NEIU and everywhere–is not a joke to be tampered with and distorted. It is an honor for each of us to be a part of and it is worth fighting for.

In solidarity,