HEADS UP: Faculty Governance Elections self-nominations

Dear Colleagues:

I am forwarding this call for a special election for faculty governance, and want to encourage you to apply for these positions.

The NEIU/UPI Executive Board met on Tuesday 8/26, and we would like to encourage senior members of the faculty to apply for these positions. That will include more secure instructors as well as tenured professors. Because faculty governance has been somewhat fraught of late–the disregard of the University Advisory Council’s unanimous vote to rename LWH, the increasing top down curriculum initiatives we are seeing, the crisis mode regarding budget, etc.–we think it would be good for those of us with more security to step up and help represent the faculty and university as a whole.

Lastly, I want to very much thank everyone who has committed to and worked hard on the process of shared governance thus far.

And thanks to those considering running now.

All the best and in solidarity,


The Faculty Senate elections subcommittee hereby announces the special 2014 Faculty Governance Elections.

These elections will fill vacancies on councils and committees for the fall. The deadline for self-nominations is Tuesday, September 2, at 11 a.m.


Faculty Senate: 1 CAS, 1 COE, 1 RP, 3 At-Large
Faculty Senate, Instructor Seat: 1 CAS, 1 COE
Faculty Council on Academic Affairs: 1 CBM
Faculty Council on Finance and Administration: 1 At-Large
Faculty Council on Institutional Advancement AKA Marketing and Communication: 1 CAS
Faculty Council on Student Affairs: 1 CBM
Faculty Council on Technology: 1 CBM*
Committee on General Education: 1 RP, 1 At-Large
Advisory Committee on Faculty Awards: 1 CAS
Advisory Committee to the Library: 1 CAS
University Planning and Budget Committee: 1 CBM, 1 COE
University Personnel Committee (tenured only and no chairs): 1 CAS, 1 CBM, 2 COE, 1 At-Large
Academic Programs Elimination Committee: 1 CAS, 1 COE, 1 RP, 1 At-Large
*One self-nomination has been received.

The constituency election will be held first. After the results are announced, an at-large election will be held.

If you self-nominate for both constituency and at-large seats and win a constituency seat, your at-large nomination will be withdrawn.

For specific details, including a timeline, please visit the Faculty Senate website. With questions, contact Sabrina Guth in Faculty Governance at s-guth1@neiu.edu.