Thanks to Communications Team and UPI Peeps Tabling and Working!

Dear all,

We had some good times together tabling Tuesday and Wednesday. Good to be with each other! Thanks to everyone who helped get it organized and staffed.

The wizardry of the Communications Team and members getting organized is on display around campus. Check out the newest fliers and wear green tomorrow for the BOT starting at 1:00.

Has everyone checked out our current webpage? It’s beautiful thanks to Webarista and Treasurer Lisa Wallis. And it’s up to date with info. Try pasting this into your bookmark bar and you can stay informed.

Thanks to everyone running for faculty governance positions and to everyone serving in faculty governance. Deadline for voting on at large seats is 11:00 tomorrow.

And lastly, thanks to everyone for working hard to maintain the excellence of the education we provide at NEIU. Someone’s got to do it! And we are the best people to make sure it happens.