Solidarity, Critique and the Refresh of the Strategic Plan

Dear all,

Our member’s responses to the administration’s plans to readdress, and refresh, the university’s strategic plan are varied and valid.

I shared with the administration that I didn’t think during negotiations was a good time to take up this task. But since it is going forward, I have nominated union members to be on the planning committee that refreshes and I encouraged you to nominate yourselves. I think it is very important that we have people inside the room voicing our concerns regarding class cancellations and other problems NEIU is facing.

I have also heard that there is a protest planned for University Day, which starts the Strategic Plan process–an alternative event outside the room, to generate counter-thoughts and different visions.

As we move forward in solidarity, I am proud to be part of a union and faculty that does not walk in lock step with each other on every issue. And I am humbled by the political acumen and development of all of our members and of the union as an organization. Our many and wonderful capacities for criticism and critique have never been more necessary.

We are united in that we are all troubled by the direction the university is going in and we are all serving our students and our disciplines and fields in our own way. Let’s keep our chins up. There wouldn’t be an attempt to refresh the strategic plan without a recognition that we are becoming wilted. It’s important that we continue to work at being heard by the administration.

Are you deciding which direction to take yourself with the Refresh? Here’s my plan: participation in both approaches.

There will be plenty of events later on as the Strategic Plan process unfolds. This Thursday at 8:00 a.m. I will be joining Take Back Our University Day! outside of the room. Not on campus that early? Good, because that means a few of us still have lives around here. Try to drop by and see what’s going on throughout the morning.

Party on people! And stay smart and committed!!