UPI TABLING THIS WEEK! get a new membership card and a t-shirt

Hey UPI Members:

Come by the table in the village square Monday 11/3 and Tuesday 11/4 between 11:00 and 2:00. We’ll have the membership list so you can double check and make sure you are current. Grab a new membership card and we’ve got 150 UPI Green T-shirts to hand out. (If we hand out all of those, we’ll get more!)

COME SIT WITH US!! Don’t have time to visit with your friends these days? Grab one for an hour or two and come hang with your union.

Encourage students to stop by too. We’ll have activities for them to express themselves–photos tomorrow and a survey all days.

(Whack-a-mole will be making appearances as we table over the next months too. Have you ever played? Now may be the time to start.)