TIRED OF NEIU’s DECLINE? Sit down and rest at the Sit-In for Solidarity Tuesday 11/11 @ 3:00 Village Square

Dear all,

I hope everyone will come out tomorrow for the Sit-In for Solidarity to demonstrate that we are united and to protect our students.
We don’t all have to agree on every step the university needs to take to right itself, because we do agree that the direction we are going in with regard to the quality of an NEIU education and with regard to our mission is wrong. Come out in solidarity and in agreement on this fundamental problem.

BE THERE TOMORROW, Tuesday, 11/11 at 3:00 in the Village Square.

Kids off for Veterans Day? Bring them! My daughter will be there, and tomorrow isn’t just about showing her what democracy looks like. She’s going to see what responsible professionals look like.

The public university system in the United States is a mixture of prestige and inclusion. It’s a rough alchemy to balance, but negotiating meritocracy and democracy is what made public education in the United States a powerful and productive force.

The mismanagement of NEIU is currently debasing the prestige of our faculty, of department chairs and program coordinators, of advisors and librarians. And this mismanagement is debasing our students by disregarding our mission to serve them.

The quality of our work is being hurt.

The bell my grandmother used when she taught in a one-room school house hasn’t been on campus since 2004, but it’s going to be out tomorrow.

I hope each of you will be too.