New University Policy Drafts Available for Public Comment

Dear UPI Members:

The original review date of November 24, 2014, for comments on the proposed policies approaches. I believe the comment period for at least one has been extended, but let’s make the original date because we are such excellent professionals. If you have not yet looked at these, please do so this weekend and provide your feedback.


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From: NEIU Targeted Announcement
Date: Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 1:21 PM
Subject: New University Policy Drafts Available for Public Comment

As part of the ongoing effort to make University policies transparent, new policy drafts have been posted to the Northeastern Policy Library for the 30-day public comment period.

The following policies are open to comments and edits from the University community as of 10/24/2014:
Removal of Department Chairs
Student Death Response and Reporting
Sexual Assault REVISION
Acceptable Use of Information Technology REVISION

If you would like to share your comments/feedback about these policies or any of the policies previously posted, please email them to The public comment period for the policies listed above will end Monday, November 24, 2014. Once the public comment period is over, the comments and feedback will be considered by the author before final approval by the Policy Working Group. For more information on the University’s policy process, please see Formulation and Issuance of University Policies.

New Policies Approved and Posted

Two new policies have been approved and are effective as of September 24, 2014. The policies can be found in the following categories:

Background Checks

Direct Payment Vouchers