Look at what I just found on my Facebook page. It’s Giving Tuesday and this money will go directly to our students who are being hurt by the administration’s mismanagement of the University. This link was from the College of Arts and Sciences, but there are links for all of our colleges and we can target programs. I just got something from Kris Over saying donations to the Honors Program will go toward book stipends for our students. Whatever your college or preferred program, please remember that during these times of stress we are still a wonderful university within the ailing university and give to our students.

Please, from each according to ability. (Who said that? It sounds like I’m quoting some theorist–doesn’t it?)

And thanks to each of you for continuing to provide excellence in all of your various ways to our students.

In solidarity and for the NEIU we still cherish,


Join the College of Arts and Sciences “2014 x $15” Challenge on this #GivingTuesday.

If we reach 2014 gifts of $15 we will be able to support 10 students on their summer research experiences in 2015. Make sure you select “College of Arts and Sciences” on your gift designation.

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