Fwd: Faculty salaries [and happy holidays]

Dear Bargaining Unit Members:

I’m not going to answer this point of disagreement from the administration in the last few hours before our holiday break begins. I instead want to thank everyone for all of the hard work you have done this semester for our students: for the teaching, research and service mission of our university.

And I hope everyone–all of our administrators very much included–get the rest and peace we each deserve over the next weeks.

Happy holidays and all the best!


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From: Sharon Hahs
Date: Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 2:05 PM
Subject: Faculty salaries

TO: University Community

FROM: Sharon Hahs, President
Richard Helldobler, Provost
Michael Pierick, Vice President for Finance and Administration

DATE: December 19, 2014

RE: Faculty salaries

We are writing today to correct a statement made recently by UPI leadership that “Faculty at NEIU remain the lowest paid in the State of Illinois, even though we live in the city . . . .”

Official, public salary data is provided annually by the AAUP. The most recent data is attached. Northeastern’s Illinois public peers are the UPI universities. Northeastern also examines a set of Chicago peers because this area of the state is the most expensive in which to live.

The data lists salaries by rank—Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, and Instructor. It also lists a weighted average of all ranks (“Adjusted”). For Illinois peers, Northeastern is not the lowest for Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, nor All Ranks Adjusted. We are the lowest for the rank of Professor; and we are the lowest for the Instructor rank (where Northeastern has the lowest workload of the universities). For Chicago peers, Northeastern is not the lowest for any rank, nor for the All Ranks Adjusted. There is almost no data available for Instructors for the Chicago Peers.

We have for several years worked to hire new faculty at market levels; the promotion increments were doubled in the most recent contract and are beginning to impact the overall data. We remain committed to continuously reviewing salary data annually and providing comparable salaries to the extent possible. Thank you.

View the attachment to their email: 2013-14 AAUP Compensation Survey Report-Chicago and Illinois Peers