University of Texas El Paso – Making a Strong University for Non-Traditional Students

Hey all and get ready to get back to school starting tomorrow!

I’m sending another report on the University of Texas at El Paso. Isidor Ruderfer (Biology) and Tanya Cofer (Mathematics) sent us something on UTEP last semester, because it is a school working to make a strong university for non-traditional students like ours at NEIU.

UTEP PICkThis link is from Jerry Moreno Special Education, NEIU/UPI Negotiations Team Member–and UTEP alumnus (B.A. and M.Ed.)!

One of the things I like about the report is that their president researched and thought about what the region needed. For western Texas this was more Ph.D. programs. That’s not a pressing need in our region, but an affordable and professionally run comprehensive university certainly is.

Let’s come back to school ready to defend and forward our tradition of serving, and serving well, non-traditional students.

In solidarity and with happy New Year wishes!