EVALUATION Schedule for TPs/RPs Spring 2015: NOTE ADJUSTMENTS!

Dear Department Chairs and DPC Members for TPs/RPs:

We are writing to revise the time DPCs have to consider portfolios and send their recommendations to department chairs.

We also want to remind candidates for retention that their portfolios are due soon. And, on that note, from all of us involved in the evaluation process, a huge thanks to any candidates for retention who can get their portfolios to Kenny Beyer (facportadmin) before they are due. It will really help move the process along.

(1) Initial due dates for portfolios REMAIN THE SAME:

Years 1-2 to facportadmin by MIDNIGHT (11:59 pm) Wednesday 1/7
Years 3-5 to facportadmin by MIDNIGHT (11:59 pm) Sunday 1/11

(2) DPC to Chair with copy to faculty DATES EXTENDED:

Years 1-2 DPC to Chair Tuesday 1/20
Years 3-5 to Chair Wednesday 1/28

(3) Chair to Faculty for ONLY Years 1-2 DATE EXTENDED:

Years 1-2 to Faculty Monday 1/26

Thanks to UPC Chair Jennifer Slate and others who pointed out the need to expand the time for DPC consideration of portfolios. As she wrote, this is a vital step of the process and we very much appreciate all of the work done for the university at this stage.

As always, please consult both of us by email for any modifications suggested at the DPC level and with any questions or issues.

Best wishes,

Elliott Lessen and Sophia Mihic