NEIU UPI Elections

It is time for our NEIU UPI Elections!

Now is the time to consider running for one of our NEIU UPI offices and/or start nominating colleagues. If nominating people other than yourself, please be sure to verify that they are willing to run. Descriptions of the position and the responsibilities will be forthcoming.

Starting today, 2/10/15 nominations can be sent to any member of the committee. Co-chairs of the elections committee are Audrey Natcone and Nanette Potee The members are:

Jen Blair
Brooke Johnson
Isidor Ruderfer
Katherine Smith
Michael Weinberg

There will be a UPI Nominations meeting on 2/26 in the Lower Level Library at 3:00 p.m. During that time we will be taking final nominations from the floor. Please mark the date on your calendar.
There are multiple opportunities to participate in our UPI chapter at various levels. Nominations will be taken for the following positions:

NEIU Chapter


NEIU Constituency Representatives

CAS Teaching Professional
CAS Instructor
COE Teaching Professional
COE Instructor
CBM Teaching Professional
Library Resource Professional
Academic Support Professional/Resource Professional – 1 for each campus

NEIU At-Large Representatives

Teaching Professionals (two)
Instructors (two)

NEIU House of Delegates (Number to be determined)

NEIU Delegates to AFT and IFT Conventions

At least one

Please feel free to send any questions to Audrey or Nanette. Thanks in advance for your participation.

Nanette Potee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Communication