UPI Election Info


To vote in the upcoming Local and Chapter elections, bargaining unit employees must have a signed membership card on file.

Unsure if you’ve signed a card? Please contact Lisa Wallis, NEIUPI Treasurer.

February 17, 2015
From the UPI Local 4100 Board of Trustees:

RE: Election Timeline Update and Reminders

After consulting with our legal counsel and at the request of several UPI chapters, as UPI Trustees, we have decided to extend the date for bargaining unit members to become UPI members to vote in the Spring UPI Local and Chapter elections to Tuesday, February 24th, 2015. With the events in the state last week, many previous fair-share members have indicated a desire to become full members in the UPI. As a result, we decided to push the date back one week to ensure that all who wish to vote have ample opportunity to sign their membership cards. This action was formally approved by the UPI Local Executive Board.

If you are unsure of your membership status, we urge you to contact your Chapter President or the Local to confirm your membership.

Importantly, all remaining election timeline dates remain as previously announced:

Feb. 13-Mar 2: Chapter membership meetings held to solicit nominations from the floor.

March 2: Nominations and candidate statements due in Chicago office

March 20: Candidate statements posted on UPI website www.upilocal4100.org.

March 20-27: Ballots mailed that week.

April 20: Postmark deadline for return of ballots

April 27: Ballots counted by IFT at IFT Westmont office

April 28: Election results posted on UPI website www.upilocal4100.org

As UPI Trustees, we are responsible for conducting and overseeing the election.