BE THERE: Presentations of the Draft Contract and Next Steps

Dear all,

A draft of the next collective bargaining agreement was presented at the membership meeting this past Thursday, 2/26.

And it was really fresh and new last week. Final points of agreement were being decided up to the beginning of our meeting.

Highlights? There have been no increases to workload, we have protected the benefit of sabbaticals and we will again have compression money, significant protections for Instructor stability have been secured, TPS and RPs will have opportunities for reassigned time to complete research, and minima tables will be extended for ASPs and ARPs.

And these are just highlights! Please come to one of the sessions below to learn the details of the draft agreement.

Membership Presentations

All sections of the contract have now been TA’d, which means tentatively agreed to, and we have three sessions scheduled to present the agreement to you. Please try to make at least one of these meetings!

Thursday, 3/5 BBH 102, 3:00-4:15

Tuesday, 3/10 BBH 101, 3:00-4:15

Wednesday, 3/11 BBH 101, 12:00-1:30

Contract Language

Over Spring Break, March 16-20, we will have contract language drafted and available for you to read the entire document.


If all goes well during your review of the contract, our plan is to be ready for ratification voting starting the week of March 23 when we get back.

Thanks to each member of the Negotiations Team, the Executive Board, our strike captains in waiting–and, most of all, thanks to each of the many members who have participated in membership meetings and constituency meetings throughout the process thus far.

We are not done. And we very much need all hands on deck during these hopefully final stages.

In solidarity,