From the Election Committee Co-Chairs

Hello UPI members. By now, all of you should have received your snail-mailed ballots from the UPI. It is now time to cast your ballots. There are 3 pages of ballots and here are a few things we wanted to highlight:

You must use an X to vote each office. Any other mark will not be counted.

When voting the NEIU page (Ballot 2 of 3), be sure that you are voting in your own constituency. The quickest way to lose your vote is to vote for a particular office in more than one constituency.

Please vote each group of nominees, including page 1, which includes the Local nominees. Also on that page are the names of the nominees for delegates to the UPI/IFT/AFT Convention. It is particularly important to vote for these nominees. We have learned that funding for delegates to attend conventions is based on how much money the local has to spend. Last year, although there were upwards of 35 delegates, only 21 were funded. The delegates who get funded are chosen based on the highest vote-getters. So please be sure to cast your votes for this very important ballot. The 3 nominees from NEIU are, Audrey Natcone, Richard Grossman and Lydia Snow.

The other two pages of ballots include the NEIU nominees. Although most of the elections are uncontested, there is one contested election regarding the At-Large Representatives for Teaching and Research Professionals.

For the House of Delegates, you may vote for all of them. We had 45 positions, with 32 nominees.

Ballot 3 addresses amendments to the UPI Constitution and By-Laws. You may vote to approve all the changes, none of the changes, or vote for them individually. The language for the indicated amendments are on the reverse side of the ballot.

Once you have completed marking your ballot, they are to be placed in the small envelope. The small envelope then goes into the larger, pre-addressed return envelope. Print and sign your name in the indicated space. If the Local cannot decipher your printed name, your ballot will not be counted.

Finally, don’t forget to put a 49¢ stamp on the envelope and mail it before April 20, 2015.

Feel free to contact Audrey or Nanette if you have any questions.