ANNOUNCE TODAY AND TOMORROW: Registration for Summer I and II

Dear Colleagues,

The administration is once again planning to cut classes, and this time Summer I and Summer II are on the chopping block. Please encourage your students to register today or tomorrow, because cancellations will start on Wednesday.

I am attaching a flier. If each of us could print and post 5-10 of these around our offices and classrooms, and if we could each print and take a handful of these to our classes it would be most appreciated.

Remember, this isn’t just about your own classes. It is about providing our students with an opportunity to finish their degrees in a timely manner. And it’s about maintaining the reputation of the university. Please announce even if you aren’t teaching this summer.

We remain baffled as to why this administration thinks in terms of cutting cost and does not think in terms of revenue or the good of our students. And we remain in conversation with them on this point.

In solidarity,