TOMORROW: NEIU/UPI Open Budget Forum, M-4/20, BBH 101 at 12 Noon

Dear UPI People:

We very much hope to see you at the union’s Open Budget Forum on the proposed Rauner cuts TOMORROW, MONDAY 4/20 in BBH 101, 12:00 to 1:30ish (we have the room until 2:00).

This is very much an OPEN budget forum. The entire university is invited. Please bring chairs and students and your favorite administrator. And please grab some colleagues for this discussion.

All the best and here’s the latest draft of the session’s agenda below.



NEIU/UPI Open Budget Forum – Two Perspectives on the Proposed Rauner Cuts to Higher Education

working for our students and the excellence of our teaching as a university

Introduction: student learning and the urban mission for Chicago and the State of Illinois

Perspective One: Proposed Cuts and the Challenge Here at Home on the NEIU Campuses


Sophia Mihic
Steve Frankel
Tim Duggan
Marshall Thompson
Cyndi Moran
Tim Barnett


Perpective Two: Proposed Cuts and the Challenges Across the State


John Miller, WIU/UPI Chapter President and UPI 4100 Legislative Chair

the lay of the land and what we can do about it


Light refreshments will be available and please bring your lunch!