I know! You think this time of year is about grading and not the constant struggle to maintain the fantastic quality of public higher ed in Illinois.

Sorry: that struggle is always on and it’s very important to take a minute now!

Fund Our Futures is an initiative of UPI Local 4100. We will be tabling this Friday at Nest Fest–drop by and say hello–and . . .


Have you seen it yet? I bet you’ve signed and I haven’t. If you are slow like me, let’s do it NOW.

Here’s the link!!


And this is what it says!

Governor Bruce Rauner has proposed a $387 million cut to all public universities in the state of Illinois. With the state’s consistent failure to adequately fund public higher education, this 31.5% proposed cut threatens access to the quality education our public universities offer. Our students, our state, and our universities cannot afford any more cuts. The state must fund our future and fund it now. What was once one of the best public higher education systems in the country is becoming prohibitively too costly for working people and is destroying our economic competitiveness.