UPI Election Results


Dear all,

Each of the Constitutional changes at the Local passed, and our incoming executive board at the Local will be John Miller – President, Steven Frankel – Vice-President, Edna Fry – Treasurer, and John Allison – Recording Secretary.

At the NEIU/UPI Chapter, the executive board will be Sophia Mihic – President, Tim Barnett – Vice-President, Paul Lempke – Secretary and Lisa Wallis – Treasurer. Additionally, we welcome a slate of new constituency representatives, and Michael Armato, Richard Grossman and Amy Hendricksen will continue on the Board.

CAS Teaching Professional – Michael Armato
COE Teaching Professional – Mark Melton
CBM Teaching Professional – Richard Kilpatrick
Library Resource Professional – Kelly Grossman
Main Campus ASP – Linda Davis
Satellite Campuses ASP – Amy Hendricksen
At-Large Teaching Professionals – Erica Meniers and Nancy Matthews
At-Large Instructors – Jean Hemzacek and Terry Puryear

All UPI 4100 House of Delegates nominees were elected, and our IFT/AFT Convention Delegates will be Lydia Snow, Richard Grossman, and Audrey Natcone.

Congratulations to the incoming representatives and many thanks to all who participated in elections.

And last but not least let me send out a big hooray and thank you to our Elections Committee chaired by Audrey Natcone and Nanette Potee.

In solidarity,