ENROLL THIS WEEK: Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Due by May 29

Dear all,

Have you enrolled in the UPI Sick Leave Bank? Please consider doing so by the end of this week. The form is attached and is due in HR–or you can send it to me as a scanned attachment–by Friday May 29, 2015.

In addition to your regularly accruing sick leave days, you can withdraw from the UPI Sick Leave Bank if those days are ever exhausted. Any member of the unit can apply for these days–even if you aren’t a member yet.

If you join the bank, you give days to it and serve younger union members and the more seasoned among us who may need to take out more days than they have accrued.

Once you have at least 12 sick leave days, you are eligible to join the bank. You will do so with an initial donation of at least 2 or up to 5 days–as long as you are left with 10 days for your personal use–and then each year one day will be deducted from you earned sick leave and transferred to the bank.

Here’s the form and please let me know if you need any further information.

In solidarity and all the best,