UPI Lobbying in Springfield May 21, 2015

Check our NEIU/UPI lobbying in Springfield on Thursday, May 21, 2015. This is a group of students and teachers from NEIU. These graduates were doing immigrant support work for ICIRR. State Representative Laura Fine, in the middle, was an Instructor in Political Science. And she and Shelley and I had taught each of these activists. We kept meeting former students over and over again. It was great!

The whole lobbying team from school was headed up by Chuck Steinwedel who got us organized and down there. Lydia Snow, Michael Weinberg and I drove down with him, and Shelly Bannister and Laura Sanders joined us early Thursday morning. It was great to have this group together when we met with our Senators and Representatives–we had the sciences, arts, library, social sciences and humanities covered. It was a treat to introduce our instructors–Snow and Fine–to each other. We delivered the cards from our card drive–we made it to over 1000 from NEIU–and we learned a good bit. Main thing? We have support for public higher education in the legislature, and we need to reach out to those who don’t support us too.

When you get email blasts from IFT and from John Miller for UPI, please do what they ask. The word is we caused a lot of buzz when we were in Springfield and we need to keep that awareness going and help in the budget fight to protect the State of Illinois.

In solidarity . . . and, do we have the best students or what?

No dorms needed for these women. Let’s protect the mission that educated them!