HEADS UP: tips for dealing with the recent bureaucratic announcements

Dear all,

I’ve been getting panicked emails on the syllabus requirements and the time reporting email. Please note:

(1) TIME REPORTING: you will not have to file a time report until after the September 3 UPI Membership meeting (Lower Library Classroom at 3:00). We will workshop scenarios and discuss how to reasonably capture the many hours Teaching and Resource Professionals put into our working lives.

(2) SYLLABI “TEMPLATE”: I asked for clarification, and please note that the elements on the template, which was sent out, have to be on your syllabus. But you can include more information (and style!) on your syllabi than these elements. This is no significant change from what we have always done. We do now, and for the HLC visit, need to check and make sure we are including the pertinent elements, that catalog descriptions are up to date, etc. Note that these formats can vary by college, so check with your chairs to make sure you are on target if you have any questions.