Hey all,

There are several positions open for faculty governance and the deadline for self-nomination is today: please apply for them.

Note too that there are openings on Senate for all colleges and for Instructors. Teaching Professionals? Get on this! And please consider other committees.

Those who are ASPs and Instructors, please consider putting your names in for the Instructor positions on senate. This would be a good way to get more perspectives into the conversations we have on campus.

I know many of us are frustrated by the fact that so much of the work we do on governance is advisory. It is nonetheless vital to the workings of an excellent university. And meaningful change in how the university is governed requires participation.

Thank you so much for considering this and putting your name in.

Best wishes,


To Members of the Faculty Assembly:

Dear Faculty –
The elections for remaining seats in shared governance bodies has been delayed because of complications using SmartEval; all these issues will be resolved soon and we expect to send the ballot out Sept 15. As we work toward its release we will extend the period for self-nominations — through Sept 14 — for all of these:

IBHE-FAC Faculty Advisory Committee: 1 At-Large
The IBHE-FAC is an advisory group to the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), which meets once a month during the academic year from September to June in locations that rotate among member campuses (please contact Lisa Hollis-Sawyer or Tim Scherman for more information). Also is a member of the University Planning and Budget Council.

Faculty Senate: 1 COE, 3 RP; 2 At-Large; Instructor (non-tenured, non-tenure-track) seats: one from each college needed
The Faculty Senate meets at 3 p.m. during the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month during the fall and spring semesters. Elected Senators will be expected to represent their constituency during meetings, and serve on subcommittees of the Senate.

Faculty Council on Academic Affairs: 1 COE; 1 CBM
The Faculty Council on Academic Affairs (FCAA) meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 3–4 p.m. while fall and spring semesters are in session.

Faculty Council on Institutional Advancement: 1 COE, 1 At-Large

Faculty Council on Student Affairs: 1 RP

Committee on General Education: 1 CBM, 1 COE

Advisory Committee on Faculty Awards: 1 RP

University Planning and Budget Committee: 1 COE, 1 RP

University Personnel Committee (tenured only and no chairs): 1 CAS, 1 COE

Academic Programs Elimination Committee 1RP

To self-nominate, please send an email to with SELF NOMINATION in the subject line prior to Tuesday Sept 15. Thanks very much!
Erick Howenstine
Chair, Faculty Senate