HEADS UP AND DO IT NOW! Fwd: Raise your voice for NEIU

Dear UPI People:

Sharon and the other university presidents have organized a way for us to speak up and address the stalled budget in Springfield. See below and do it!

We are all very much on the same page with this drive. We have to talk back NOW to our state senators and representatives and to the governor. This isn’t partisan. This is about public higher education in the State of Illinois and about the magic of the NEIU experience.

Write in and tell your stories about educating and advising our students. What do they and the state stand to lose if we lose public higher education for working families in Illinois?

This is what our government needs to hear. As always, be on message and be polite when you contact elected officials. The staff will be overwhelmed, and they need to want to help you. Let’s rock this call in and write too!!

Thanks BIG TIME!!

And thank you to President Hahs for reaching out to us and AFSCME this morning so we can all work together for NEIU and the state.

In solidarity,


TO: University Community

FROM: Sharon Hahs, President

DATE: October 19, 2015

RE: Raise your voice for NEIU

Please see below the call to action that all Illinois public universities have sent to our alumni. We invite the University Community to join in this call, using the information and messages provided below.

Thank you.

Northeastern Illinois University

Raise Your Voice for NEIU on Monday, Oct. 19

“Light Up the Lines” is on.

We need you to take five minutes out of your day right now to make a call to legislators and urge them to make higher education funding their priority.

Robust funding is simply a must—both for today’s students and for the long-term vitality of Illinois’ education system.


Higher education in the State of Illinois remains at a crossroads. The sting of this year’s budget standoff already is being felt by thousands of students and families associated with our state’s public universities.

When legislators return to Springfield tomorrow, Tuesday, October. 20th, for veto session, they’ll continue negotiating about the budget impasse. We need your help to get—and keep—higher education at the top of the lawmakers’ agendas when they begin their discussions.

Make a Call for Your Alma Mater
That’s why we’ve teamed up with eight other Illinois public higher education institutions for the “Light up the Lines” event today.

We’re asking all Northeastern Illinois University alumni to call and urge lawmakers to make higher education their priority. Click here to find your legislators’ district office phone lines, and use our talking points to make the case for higher education. After all, public financial support of higher education touches everything from student aid and faculty recruitment, to the value of your degree.

Your Voice is Critical
To intensify the impact of the collective effort, please consider signing the statewide petition in support of higher education. Also consider writing a letter to the editor of your local paper or to the Chicago Tribune or Chicago Sun-Times. (View our sample letter here.)

Your voice is critical to higher education. Let it be heard. Lawmakers need to know that you—their constituents—expect and deserve a healthy public higher education system.

Please make your call now.
As always, the Illinois Connection team, the University of Illinois and the Northeastern Illinois University Alumni Association are grateful for your time and support.