THE TIME IS NOW: join the neiu/upi response to Rauner’s attack on unions and higher education

Dear UPI Members:

We have a list of immediate actions steps we would like for you to hand out in class over the next few days. These are not partisan so we have the go ahead to distribute them to our students. And this is just the beginning of our response to turn down the turn around agenda that is hurting our universities and the state.

IMMEDIATELY! Please distribute the attached to-do steps in class to students and co-workers in your offices. UPI will make copies for you and deliver them to your mailboxes. We have to get these out and circulating. Encourage students to take these to-do steps home to their family and friends. But get them hand delivered to your mailbox!

For copies of the fight back To-Do List delivered to you, please contact Chuck Steinwedel at and/or Tim Barnett at They are coordinating distribution. Let them know how many you will need and where your mailbox is.

Several members of NEIU/UPI were at a state-wide UPI meeting to formulate our response to the governor’s attack on unions and on higher education this past weekend. We are planning events in coordination with all of the universities in the Local and in support of our most vulnerable schools: Chicago State, Eastern Illinois University and Western Illinois University. Remember, we are targeted too. We may be in a stronger position here at NEIU, because we have better reserves to draw on, but we are only funded through graduation this spring.

The time to act is now.

The problem is that we are reasonable and the plans being used against us are unreasonable. We must now use our strength in numbers to counter the bullying we are suffering. Please make sure you attend the following events. Change your appointments if you need to in order to be there and bring students.

> NEIU/UPI Membership Meeting, Thursday, 18 February, SU 214, 3:00-4:30 for legislative report and mobilization training
> Stand Up! Speak Out! Fund Our Futures! Thursday, 25 February, NEIU Auditorium to rock resistance with our students and the entire university

Thanks all! Do this! Be there!! And get ready to do and accomplish more. It’s time to put an end to this madness. What we do at NEIU is important and we have to get that message out.

Here are links if the attachments don’t work.



In solidarity,

The NEIU/UPI Executive Board