Perspectives on public high ed and our response from two of our NEIU artists

Thanks to Kim Ambriz in Art and Cyndi Moran from CMT for sending a reading and some thoughts to keep us going in the struggle to secure public higher education in Illinois.

Attached from Kim is an argument in defense of the public university by novelist Marylinne Robinson in Harpers.

And Cyndi has a report below on talking to students in class about the crisis in Illinois.

Thanks women and thanks everyone for keeping the conversations with students going in classes. We’ll have new info sheets asap for the week ahead.


From Cyndi Moran:

You asked for our stories; here’s mine. I’ve been talking about the MAP grant bill and other budget issues with my classes. On Tuesday 2/9 I wrote Governor Rauner’s number (217) 782-0244 on the board, and encouraged students to call if they wanted to urge him to sign SB2043. Most entered it in their phones immediately, and tonight, one student told me he put up a sign in WZRD encouraging the DJs to read the number on air. I don’t often talk to my classes about these issues, but this directly impacts them, and they’ve appreciated the information, and the Fund Our Futures flyers–they report liking the info and having actions to take. And they’ve reported on student organizing and other ways of pushing back. CM