MUST-DO Action Alert and Get Busy Generally: Plan for this Friday, 3/11, at 4:30, Be Downtown to Support Our Students and Greet the Governor

Dear UPI:

We have had some busy days over the last few weeks–a great membership meeting, and an even better university-wide event to “Stand Up, Speak Out, Fund Our Futures.” Many of your fellow union members did targeted lobbying in Springfield at the beginning of the week before the veto override vote, the union’s executive board has started weekly meetings, and many of us were at UPI 4100’s House of Delegates this weekend. We’ve had some inspirational interventions in the press around the state. And I’m going to be bringing you reports on all of this activity over the next week.

Let’s start by listening to UPI Local 4100 President John Miller on WBEZ this past Friday.

Next steps?

Start prepping now for a MUST-DO ACTION coming up this Friday, 3/11.

Meet at 4:30 at the Federal Plaza (corner of Jackson and Dearborn), march at 5:00 to the Palmer House Hilton for the 2nd Annual Governor’s Dinner. Do you have something else to do that night? Change your schedule!!

Our civically engaged and wonderful students at NEIU have initiated this action, and all of UPI across the state is happy to follow and support them.


And, SAVE THE DATE all day for Friday, April 1, no more fooling around!