Plans for Negotiation

Dear UPI:

The chapter’s executive board met last Friday and approved a negotiations team made up of me, Cyndi Moran and Steve Frankel. Our money people from the previous negotiations and all of that team will be assisting us too.

We will meet with the administration tomorrow, and follow up again with the executive board this week.

We will have a Membership Meeting this coming Tuesday, on 3/15 at 3:00 to fill you in on our strategy and the offers on the table. (Room TBA.) I do not know if we will have proposals for you to vote on at that point, but we will have information to share and questions to ask.

As we move forward, remember what we are about: remember the quality of the education we provide and the wonderful students we teach… And know we are going to do everything we can to protect that and each other.

Also, we are going to have to become extremely active to get the state out of this mess. Please make action alerts a priority as I send them out over the next weeks.

In solidarity and with huge thanks to everyone already pitching in and to each of us getting ready to do more,