We were so out there Friday night!

Anti-Rauner Protesters at the Palmer House, Friday, March 11, 2016
We had NEIU and alot of the city–including UIC United Faculty, transit workers, SEIU workers–turned out for the Rauner protest Friday. Great work all and thanks! Our numbers were great considering that we were the off-broadway political event in comparison to the Trump extravaganza

Here’s a pic of the crowd. And I’ve got a request for pictures. If you have a jpeg we could make a poster of and put up around campus I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!! I’ve seen some beautiful stuff on Facebook and would like to put it on the walls.

We have several events on the horizon for April 1 – Stand Up for NEIU and the State of Illinois. And we’ve got some rough days of working out our situation together over the next week. Some pics of us out and active will help keep everyone’s spirits ups. Please send them with permission to use them.