UPI Interim Agreement with the Administration – Good Faith Bargaining Continues

Dear UPI:

Thanks to everyone who was at the Membership Meeting yesterday, and we hope to see you at information sessions Thursday, 3/17 at 12:00 noon in the Lower Level Library Classroom and Friday, 3/18 at 2:00 in LWH 2044.

I am writing to clarify, first, that we are following a strategy of pay sacrifice days to avoid layoffs and maintain the excellence in instruction, advising and informational sciences that we give our students at NEIU. This plan as been unanimously endorsed by the Chapter Executive Board and it was resoundingly endorsed by those at yesterday’s meeting.

Second, I am writing to announce the interim agreement we have with the administration as we continue bargaining the decision to sacrifice pay days. This extra time will give us the ability to address issues of equity and the complex details of our unit.

We have agreed all 100% UPI members will take two furlough days over spring break–during the week of March 21–and we are not to take them this week.

*For those who come to campus over break, you should not come in for two days that week.

To figure out the reduction in your 3/31 pay, look at you current gross pay for the past half month and multiply it by .8.

Note that all BU members working at less than 100% will not be furloughed.

We have also agreed to a third interim day of pay sacrifice on April 1, and will report soon on how this day and the entire plan will be presented to the membership for ratification by ballot. (There are many more details that need to be figured out and we are working on those asap.)

The interim plan was also unanimously endorsed by the Chapter Executive Board, and was supported by members at the meeting yesterday (with some voicing reservations).

Please keep up with plans for April 1 and make sure you keep that day free to Stand Up for Illinois and Fund Our Futures.

In solidarity,