SPRING BREAK – Heads Up University Professionals of Illinois

Dear all,

There were many infelicities in yesterday’s Budget Forum, and UPI is working through details of our own that we need to refine and perfect. I’m sorry, but I am not able to address all matters at this time.

HEADS UP ON THESE POINTS THOUGH, as we head into break:

(1) No one in UPI who is part-time will sacrifice any days of work. (NO FURLOUGH DAYS FOR PART-TIME UPI EMPLOYEES THIS SPRING.)

(2) If you are teaching or working at 100%, you will take two furlough days over spring break.

(a) If you are a Teaching Professional who time reports–you are tenured or tenure-track–write in “Break” for three of the days next week and “FUR” for two of the days next week. Do not work on those days.

(b) If you work 5 days per week over spring break, pick two furlough days in consultation with your supervisor and do not come in on those two days.

(3) If your position is completely grant funded, you will not sacrifice any days of work. (NO FURLOUGH DAYS). We are negotiating how partially grant-funded employees will have their sacrifice days pro-rated, but this has not been agreed to yet.

(4) We have not negotiated the number of days UPI employees will sacrifice. (At membership meetings, we have accurately told you we are working within a range. Anyone offering a specific number is not accurate, because the question has not been negotiated.)

(5) FAQs on furloughs for other employees at the university do not apply to UPI.

This should get everyone through the weekend.

I am so sorry things are moving quickly and are confusing. And I very much appreciate your sacrifice in crisis and at all times for our students.