UPI Furloughs Over Spring Break

Dear UPI:

Everyone who is not working part-time (less than 100% appointment over 9 or 12 months) will be taking two furlough days over Spring Break.

Please be advised, your health insurance will not be interrupted. But your workers’ comp will be voided on your furlough day. Please do not come on campus or use your D2L or any university property on your furlough day.

You should share and discuss with your supervisor which days you are going to take as furlough.

In addition to these sacrifices we are making for our students, the university and each other, I want to remind everyone that our mobilization over the next weeks and months will be vital to concluding the budget crisis.

Please thank those planning APRIL 1, join in as much as you can, and use the following away from email message when you are on furlough.

In solidarity!



Due to the State of Illinois’s failure to provide an appropriation to public universities, I am out of the office for a required unpaid furlough day. I will return on [insert date of next business day].

I am not responding to emails while on furlough.

If you require an immediate response, please contact your elected officials at the numbers below. You can reach Governor Bruce Rauner at 217-782-0244 or 312-814-2121, and find the phone number of your state representative and senator at http://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/

When you call, ask about the lack of funding for public higher education and MAP grants in Illinois. Tell them you vote and that denying funding to higher education is not acceptable.