MUST DO and HEADS UP to all NEIU Furloughing Spring Breakers!!!

The APRIL 1 – NEIU Day of Action Committee needs our help getting ready for our rally for the north side at !0:00 to 12:00 (or later). They are planning a New Orleans Jazz Funeral for the death of higher education and social services in Illinois. And of course there will be a resurrection. CTU is sending tons of buses to carry us downtown for the rally at 4:00. Here’s the message from the committee! Do this!!!

I would love to have some fun doing art so go do this for me!

We will have work days to get all of our props for the APRIL 1: NEIU Day of Action done this week, and we need lots of help.
Meet us in Fine Arts, Room 202 on:
Wednesday from 10-2
Thursday from 4-8, and
Saturday (TBD)
NO special art talent required
If you can make it, please RSVP right away!
If you don’t have time to rsvp, go anyway!!
Spread the word, invite your friends!