Membership Meeting Tuesday, 3/29 at 3:00, Ratification (and prep for APRIL 1)

Dear all,

First, welcome back from Spring Break and let me clear up a question. We have served an interim agreement with the admin that put two furlough days into spring break. That agreement also defined April 1 as a deferred payment day (contingent payment day) and thus we will be working and covered by workman’s comp for the day of action.

  • The APRIL 1 Curriculum, however, is outside at 10:00 for NEIU’s United Day of Action. The expectation is that you will meet your morning classes and bring them to this teach-in on Friday. Please encourage students in all of your classes to come to school and participate in this important event.
  • More detail is coming soon on how to speak to–and email–your students regarding sacrifice days, registering for summer and fall, and the day of action.

SECOND, AND THIS IS BIG: please rearrange calendars if need be and be at the UPI Membership Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 3/29 at 3:00 (location TBA soon). We are finalizing the negotiations with the administration, got unanimous approval for the gist of the plan from the Chapter Executive Board earlier today, and will present it to you tomorrow. (We hope that voting on the ratification of the sacrifice day decision will be this Wednesday and Thursday.)