MUST DO Turnout for APRIL 1: NEIU Day of Action

Good Morning UPI!

This is the big push to get turnout and be there for APRIL 1: NEIU’s United Day of Action on the quad starting at 10:00 sharp! Arrive early because the sweet treats are going to go fast! And all of the speakers are going to be fantastic! We are honored to have AFT President Randi Weingarten join the day of action at our university.

Please announce this event and pass out the attached flyer in all of your classes! This is an all-university event–the APRIL 1 curriculum is outside and loud–so print these fliers up on university budgets and get one in the hands of every student!

  • If you teach Friday morning, bring your classes.
  • Incentivize your students attendance if you don’t meet on Friday.
  • You can require that they come during class, and please encourage them to get on the bus and go downtown if they are inclined.
  • Tell your students that their teachers, advisors, librarians and all of the university are sacrificing days of pay and that the university will be open this summer and fall. Now, we need their help and participation APRIL 1.

    And bring family and friends! This is a kid friendly event, with activities for everyone. Sign making? A little play? And a ton of drama!! The art will be fantastic.

    And, parking regulations will not be enforced on Friday!

    Interested in taking the free buses downtown? Reserve a seat at:

    Buses will start loading at 1:30 PM

    Buses will leave the NEIU campus at 2:00 PM

    Buses will return to the NEIU campus after the event (approx. 7 PM, will be announced — return trip not required!)

    In solidarity,