Voting Online and at Tables for Ratification of the Sacrifice Days Decision

UPI Members – thanks so much for such a fullhouse meeting yesterday with only 1 day notice!

I’m writing now with details on voting on the ratification of the Sacrifice Days Decision. We will have a hybrid system. When we TA the agreement (sign off on language this afternoon), the full agreement will be available to you at [stay tuned]. When it is ready and up, you will have the option of voting on ratification online.

Voting OnLine will go up tonight and be open through 11:59 on Sunday, April 3 (I will send the link to this list).
*El Centro, CCICS, CCAS: you will have to vote online.

Voting by Ballot for those ready to cast their decision is available at tables in the Village Square Wed 3/30 (Today) and Thur 3/31 10:00-2:00, Ronald Williams Library 3/30 (Tonight) 4:30-7:30.

Ballots will be counted Monday 4/4–time and place TBA.

You must be a card-signed member to vote.