TA’d Agreement and Online Voting for Ratification

Dear UPI:

UPI and the administration tentatively agreed to the Agreement Regarding Sacrifice Days last night. You can read it here, and it is ready for you to vote on for ratification.

The upshot of the deal is that between March 15 and September 17 Teaching Professionals and Resource Professionals will sacrifice 14 days of pay, Instructors 10 days, Academic Support Professionals 10 days and Academic Resource Professionals 10 days. The bargained number of Furlough Days vs. Contingent Salary Days varies by work group in response to the survey results from our polling. Anyone working below 100% and anyone wholly funded by grants will not sacrifice days of pay.

Online voting will be open through 11:59 PM Sunday 4/3. Please follow this link for voting


A ballot box will be available in the Village Square today between 10:00 and 2:00.

Please review the agreement and vote. Many thanks to everyone for all of the support, criticism and work during these past weeks.