Dear UPI and dear university,

The United Day of Action on campus and downtown was an incredible success.

I’ve found the hard copy of the Tribune today to be the best coverage (better than online). They recognize the event was a coalition effort concerned with state funding, and they have a great picture of the NEIU Jazz Band on page four! Go out and buy a copy if you don’t already have one and check it out. On campus, the Chicago Police Department estimated our crowd at 2000 and that means it was more.

The event was funded in large part by donations of materials, of money for those fantastic sweet treats that started the day, of visual art and musical talent. The administration’s support was vital.

And most importantly, many many people donated their time to make APRIL 1 work! This is the most impressive mobilization of our campus and of our communities I have ever seen, and the Committee for APRIL 1 at NEIU got it together in very little time.

On behalf of UPI and the entire university I am writing to thank the committee members: Nanette Potee, alumna Theresa Strike, Tim Barnett, Elizabeth Villareal, Lisa Wallis, Paul Lempke, Linda Loew, and Michael Armato.

In solidarity and with immense gratitude,