Good Press and a MUST DO New Event – RALLY for Fight for $15, April 14, 4:00-6:00 Downtown

Hey UPI:

I’m sending links to two articles in last Sunday’s Chicago Tribune that tell the story of what is happening to higher ed here in the State of Illinois.

. . . on MAP by Jodi Cohen

. . . this was the front page story Sunday

And I’m writing with a SAVE THE DATE: Rally for the FIGHT for $15 April 14, 4:00-6:00 Downtown Chicago. Did you know that over half of all McDonald’s workers in Chicago are on assistance because they are not paid a living wage? This issue is our issue because it is part of the poor management of our state. As McDonald’s worker Anita Alvarez said on APRIL 1: “McDonald’s costs us tax payers 368 million dollars every year. I believe that $368 million should go to Chicago State University, Northeastern Illinois University, and our public schools.”

Our NEIU united unions will be tabling next week with more information and working on transportation downtown for this event.

How is this rally connected to the good press we are getting post our APRIL 1 Day of Action? UPI and IFT have been working in coalition over the past months with unions around the state, and we received invaluable help from Fight for $15. John Miller and NEIU students spoke at a press conference during our spring break at their offices. And last Friday, we were up at 6 AM and on TV at Roosevelt High School because Fight for $15 got us out and knew how to control the news day.

APRIL 1 was the success it was across the city because we had their help. It’s time to be there next Thursday and stand up with Fight for $15.

And, have I had time this week to say in print how absolutely fantastic you all are?