Fwd: Apr 9: Illinois in Crisis and the Struggle for Education

Hey all! This is a messy foward and last minute–like, tomorrow–but can some of us get there for this!

Solidarity and cheers!

Join us for a meeting on the war against students and teachers in Illinois and Chicago

** On the scene reports from massive April 1 day of action and teachers strike (with video from the protest)
** The struggle to save NEIU, Chicago State and the entire state college system
** The crimes of Rauner and Emanuel and how to defeat these anti-people politicians
** Why are Illinois and Chicago, wealthy beyond imagination, in a state of “financial crisis” that threatens the lives of millions of people?
** The Illinois crisis and nation-wide trends: the upsurge of reactionary attacks and the wave of anti-racist protests against Trump

Speakers include:
— Patrica Morales, NEIU Sociology Club
— John Beacham, community college teacher and ANSWER Chicago Coordinator
— Ana Santoyo, Party for Socialism and Liberation

Saturday, April 9, 6 pm
4802 N. Broadway, 2nd floor
Info: 773-885-3991