MUST DO TOMORROW: Fight for $15 Rally to Join at 4:00 or 5:00

Hi all,

The Fight for $15 Rally is tomorrow and there are two ways to join it.

If you can get downtown at 4:00, marchers will gather outside Ken Griffin’s Penthouse, 800 North Michigan and walk together by Bank of America at 515 North LaSalle and end at 600 North Clark for the main rally.

If you can’t get downtown until 5:00, go straight to the Rock and Roll McDonald’s at 600 North Clark.

Check out this coverage in the Chicago Tribune and check out the Fight for $15 APRIL 1 video.

On the whole must do thing? Really can’t go? Please encourage three people to go in your place. Remember, please ask your students to join us. Forward this email to them!

In solidarity,