Sacrifice Day Pay Deductions

Dear Colleagues:

The administration is working on formulas so everyone can check their pay deductions and verify that mistakes are not being made. I am very sorry this information has been slow in coming and I have been waiting to email in hopes that I would have it.

I’m writing now with an update that can’t wait. Across the bargaining unit, the administration is going to deduct the days from your paychecks until the number of days you owe are paid. There will be discrepancies: those who are on grants, those who are soon to retire, and those with other issues will be paid back by May 15 if you are overly deducted.

I apologize for the clumsiness of this process, but it will be easier for payroll to implement the agreement on Sacrifice Days. That’s the rationale. (And it will be easier for us to track mistakes with this process too.)