AFSCME Food Pantry

UPI – check this out and drop by the AFSCME Food Pantry Donation station today. Don’t have anything? The Bookstore looks like it has gotten in some foodstuffs that might work and the Jewel on Pulaski is awfully close by.

In AFSCME Food Pantry News:

Thanks to everyone who has donated to the Food Pantry! We are now ready for more donations of non-perishable foods and other items.

We still have a lot of beans, but other canned goods like vegetables and fruits, soups, jars of spaghetti sauce etc, would be helpful. We also accept Jewel or other grocery store gift cards.

There will be a donation station set up outside of Alumni Hall during the President’s Ice Cream Social event this Wed 4/27 from 12-1P where items can be dropped off. Please bring donations there and let your co-workers know they can too!

If you want to drop off items at Ellen’s work area in the Library at another time please call x4402 first before dropping by. Thanks.